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Bingham's Graveyard PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 03 October 2011 20:31

Bingham's Graveyard is likely one of the easiest to find and most accessible historical sites within the Birkhead Wilderness area. Simply hike down the Hannah's Creek trail (if entering from the southern most parking area) when you reach the Birkhead trail junction, head south and when the trail forks, take the left most trail and follow that a short distance. You will see a campsite on the left and a small aluminum sign on a 4x4 post pointing the direction to the graveyard. Once at the graveyard there is a HUGE sign stating "Bingham's Graveyard".  I don't know why someone chose to place such a sign locating the site, but it's there. It is a graveyard, so stay on the trail and no grave dancing!

The oldest grave here is around 1700 and the last person known to have been buried here was around 1900. Although it's not obvious today, there are approximately 35 to 40 grave sites including those of slaves and servants to the Bingham family.

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0 #1 Wes Kanoy 2013-01-06 23:20
I was just there yesterday and today, we camped out at "Camp 5." We did the Robbin's Branch - Hannah's Creek loop. We saw the sign that says, "Bingham Plantation" but we never found this graveyard..

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